Our Practice Exams include:

State Specific information because there is no standard exam

There is no such thing as a "standard" real estate exam. Most states have more than one real estate exam (salesperson and brokers). This is why we spend so much time on preparing the content for each exam on an individual basis and keeping up with the changes as they occur for each state. This is all we do and nobody does it better!

Vocabulary quiz to ensure you understand the key words on the exam
It all starts with the vocabulary. How can you learn the questions if you do not understand the words being used in the questions? Our vocabulary quiz is set up to ensure that you understand all of the words being used. We have spent an immense amount of time narrowing down the terms that have given people the most difficulty on the state exam.

Practice exams organized in categories to help study areas of weakness
In studying for the exam is important to focus on one area at a time. We have taken the time to divide up the content into subcategories such as Property Ownership, Practice and Disclosures, Math, Contracts, Financing and many more. Each category is graded separately to make it easier to identify and focus on areas of weakness. Also included is a master exam category which will incorporate all of the different information much like state exam will.

The ablility to save difficult questions for review
save for reviewYou must be able to revisit the questions that gave you trouble, at any time, not when you have completed the whole program.
Most programs will only let you see the questions you got wrong when you have a completed a whole exam.
In our program, when you get a question worng or choose to save it for review, it will automatically place those questions below for you to come back and try again when you see fit.

The ability to save your tests and scores
Much like the questions, you can save your tests to return to at a later time. When you return, the test you have been working on previously will be listed in a clean concise manner with the amount of questions you have completed, the percentage you have achieved and the questions for review still saved. This will also apply when you computer losses connection ot you accidently log off.
save tests

Thorough explinations of each question
There is no point in doing the questions if you do not understand the reasoning behind the answers. The point of doing these questions is not to test yourself, The point is to learn in order to prepare yourself for the state exam. After you submit an answer an explanation is given it extremely easily comprehensive terms.


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