It is great to do practice exams & questions, but there is no point in testing yourself on something that you do not have a basic understanding of.

The best way to get a basic understanding of the content of your exam is with the Online Real Estate Exam Review Videos!

However, you can not always get to a computer to watch the videos.   
We have taken it one step further at put the audio CD as an MP3.

The MP3 is divided into tracks so you can focus on any one topic at a time.

The tracks are as follows:

MLO intro
Safe Act
Important People
Secondary Market
Mortgage Loan Products
Primary and Subordinate Financing
Conventional Loans
Government Related Loans
VA Loans
Methods of Mortgage Payment
Mortgage Processing
Secondary Market Loan Processing
Third Party Settlement Provider Services
Closing and After
Affiliate business Disclosure Statement
Consumer protection Prohibited Practices
Truth in Lending
Finance Charges
Higher Priced Mortgage Loans
Loan Originator Compensation
Reverse Mortgages
Right of Rescission
Truth in Advertising
Advertisements secured by dwelling
Home Equity plan ads
Sales and Marketing
Oral Rate Disclosures
Home Owners Protection Act
Fair and Equal Lending


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