If you can prove that you have grasped our material, and you still do not pass the Real Estate Salesperosn Exam or the Real Estate Broker exam, we will refund your money. Therefore it is in our best interest to make sure our real estate exam material is of the highest quality.

Our refund policy is based upon you having grasped the material. Thus in order to get the refund you must have fulfilled the following requirements.


  • 80% or higher in every category
  • 80% or higher on 150 questions in the master exam
  • Test must be taken no more than one month prior to your exam


  • 85% or higher in every category
  • 85% or higher on 200 questions in the master exam
  • Test must be taken no more than one month prior to your exam

If your scores are 80%(salespersons) 85%(brokers) or higher the month before your state exam, we guarantee that you will pass! DO NOT DELETE TESTS WITH SCORES ABOVE 80%(salespersons) 85%(brokers) FROM YOUR ACCOUNT, as you will need it to ensure your guarantee.

If you fail the exam, we will provide free unlimited renewals until you pass or you can choose to have a full refund. To request a credit, send an e-mail with the subject heading 'guarantee' to customer support. Make sure to include the date you took your state exam. We will verify your practice test scores according to our 80% 1 month policy. Upon verification we will contact you and request proof of your state exam scores.

The Guarantee policy does NOT apply to Videos, Flash Cards, CDs or MP3s, it only applies to the practice exams.

Guarantees can only be given within 120 days after the initial purchase

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