This site is in no way associated with the NMLS and does not claim to have the answers to the exam or any insider information.

- Is there a way for me to practice taking the "state only" NMLS Safe act questions?
Yes. we state-only practice exam questions. Simply click on the state exam questions link under exam categories. 

- Will the content of your practice exams be like what I will face on my MLO exam?
Yes. Although the questions on your exam will be different, all of our material has been written to reflect what you will need to know in order to pass. All of our time is spent keeping up to date with the information on each state's exam.

- Do I need to install any software or download any programs onto my computer?
No. You will never need to download anything, install a CD, or other software that can bog down your computer. All you need is an internet browser and connection.

- Are there any hidden charges?
No. You will never be charged junk fees, initiating fees, shipping fees, deactivation fees or anything other than the price for the access to the study aid.

- Will the program continue to take payment from my credit card after my subscription has expired?
No. YOU WILL NEVER BE AUTOMATICALLY BILLED, you will only be billed upon your authorization. We do not use reoccurring billing at all.

- If my access time runs out, can I extend my subscription?
Yes. You will be given an option to continue at a discounted rate when your 90 days expires. You will keep your log-in information and your scores and progress will be retained. Thus when you decide to reactivate your account, you will be able to pick up right where you left off.

- What happens if I start an exam and have to stop mid way?
If you get up and leave, your computer shuts down, or your browser closes, your progress and scores will be saved. When you log back in all you need to do is scroll down to your current tests and click resume. You can also start from the beginning if you wish simply click on a exam under exam categories.

- How long does it take for my account to be activated after I make a purchase?

- What Internet browsers will work with?
The site will work with all current Internet browsers.

- How do I review information I am having trouble with?
Every time you answer a question there is an option to save the question for review. Additionally if you get a question wrong the program saves the question for you automatically. Unlike most programs you do not have to finish the exam to go back to that question. The questions that have been marked for review will be listed below the current question as you use the program. Any time you want to review a marked question just click on it and attempt it again.

- How often is the content updated?
Constantly. As the exams change so do our questions. This done in an effort to come as close to your state exam as possible.

- What's the vocabulary portion all about?
It is all good and well to do question after question to prepare for your exam. However you will find it much easier to understand the questions if you understand the words being used. This is why we highly recommend mastering the vocabulary portion as well as the questions.

- How does the guarantee work?
Our guarantee policy is based upon you successfully passing our practice exams. We cannot guarantee that you will pass your exam if you haven't used and successfully passed our practice exams! Thus if you have demonstrated success on our practice exams and still do not pass your exam we will give your money back. For more information on our guarantee policy click here.


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