"Hello; My name is Will, and I recently graduated from RE-school in Indiana. I graduated on a Wednesday and scheduled my state test for that Saturday. After trying to study I quickly realized I made a HUGE mistake scheduling my test so soon, as there is NO WAY anyone can review simply by reading the book. I found your online study services and I am so grateful to all of you for spullying us withthis information and digital interface. Without your information in NO WAY would any pass the Indiana state test!!!!!! The test was extremely difficult, and I passed my classroom with a 94% average, so I am not an idiot. The state test was extremely hard, with questions worded in such a manner that made my brain hurt afterwards. Your study aids, the videos and ESPECIALLY the individual practice tests were the ONLY way I could have passed. Being able to re-take them over and over along with the review side was a HUGE advantage!!!! Thank YOU very much, to all of you, each and every one who works there for dedicating yourself to all of us trying to pass such a difficult milestone. I recommend your services to ALL, everywhere in the USA, if you need to pass your real estate exam the first time. Thank you again!!! "
- Will Rogers, Jr. Licensed RE Agent in Indiana

Massachusetts State Exam Info

Specific Massachusetts MLO Exam Content: There is no such thing as a "standard" mortgage loan originator Exam. All states have varied content from each other. This is why we spend so much time preparing the individual content for the Massachusetts MLO exam keeping up with the changes as they occur in Massachusetts.

MLO Practice Exams are organized into categories: When studying for your Massachusetts MLO exam it is important to know your areas of weakness. We have taken the time to divide up the content into categories such as Federal Law, Loan Origination, General Loan knowledge and ethics. Each Category is graded separately to make it easier to identify and focus on your areas of weakness. Also included are master MLO Exams which incorporate all of the different categories into one test to help prepare you for your Massachusetts MLO Exam.

Massachusetts MLO Exam Questions Questions Are constantly Updated: We constantly update all of our Massachusetts practice questions, including our national practice questions, our explanations and answers, and other content. These all unite to give you the most comprehensive and up to date information for your Massachusetts MLO Exam.

To become licensed as a salesperson or broker in Massachusetts you must complete the requisite education, pass the relevant examination and complete the appropriate licensing application. At the outset you must become licensed as a salesperson before you can become a broker. To become licensed as a salesperson you must complete twenty-four hours of education at any one of the Board approved real estate schools (the education is in various subject matter areas). 

Once your education is complete the school will provide you with a "Candidate Guidebook" which will contain verification of your completed education and information to make an appointment to take the salesperson examination. Examinations are offered twice daily Tuesday through Saturday in Boston and on Saturday’s at other sites in Massachusetts. All information to take the examination will be contained in the Candidate Guidebook. Upon passing the examination you will be licensed at the test center.

Those salespersons who seek licensure as brokers follow the same practice outlined for salespersons above. There are, however, two differences. First, those seeking licensure as brokers must complete thirty hours of education at a Board approved real estate school (that is in addition to the twenty-four hour salesperson education); and, Second, salespeople must work for a broker for at least one year before they can move on to licensure as brokers (the work experience must either be current or completed no more than two years prior to the time of broker examination and licensure).

If you would like more information on licensure please contact the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons at (617) 727-2373.