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Louisiana State Exam Info

Specific Louisiana MLO Exam Content: There is no such thing as a "standard" mortgage loan originator Exam. All states have varied content from each other. This is why we spend so much time preparing the individual content for the Louisiana MLO exam keeping up with the changes as they occur in Louisiana.

MLO Practice Exams are organized into categories: When studying for your Louisiana MLO exam it is important to know your areas of weakness. We have taken the time to divide up the content into categories such as Federal Law, Loan Origination, General Loan knowledge and ethics. Each Category is graded separately to make it easier to identify and focus on your areas of weakness. Also included are master MLO Exams which incorporate all of the different categories into one test to help prepare you for your Louisiana MLO Exam.

Louisiana MLO Exam Questions Questions Are constantly Updated: We constantly update all of our Louisiana practice questions, including our national practice questions, our explanations and answers, and other content. These all unite to give you the most comprehensive and up to date information for your Louisiana MLO Exam.